It's time to bring your full self into the world.
Your unique extraordinariness needs to be seen and fully expressed



And may not fully express them. 

Answer me this:

~ Do you ever think you're not good enough?
~ Do you fear you're just. too. much?
~ Are you petrified of rejection and judgment?
~ Are you afraid to dream?
~ Do you censor yourself because you fear what you have to say isn't important?
~ Do you have the "Good on Paper" dilemma: Maybe you look good on paper—good job, good relationship, nice stuff, nice place to live—but you don't feel as good as you "should?"
~ Do you think there's more to life than what you're living right now? 

~ Do you have a little voice in your head that tells you it's arrogant or self-involved to truly own how awesome you are?
~ Do people tell you that you're awesome, talented, amazing, etc...but you can't believe them?
~ Do you spend most of your time on "should"s rather than on things that bring you joy and take you closer to your dreams?
~ Do you think it's impossible for one person—for YOU—to change or impact the world?
~ Do you hide or dim your beautiful and brilliant light? 

If you answered "yes" or "maybe" or "I don't want to think about it!" to any of those questions, I gotta tell are NOT owning your awesomeness!

And that is not okay!

Not owning your awesomeness...

...kills your self-confidence.
...drains away your joy in life.
...makes you play so much smaller than we all need you to play. away your motivation to take good care of yourself.
...takes away any drive to uncover and go after your desires. 
...makes you feel like you don't matter.

Nooooooo! Please can we stop this?!

Owning your awesomeness means reveling in the magnificent being that is YOU.

It means recognizing that you do, in fact, have power.


It means that you are important, that your dreams matter, and that YOU MATTER... regardless of what other messages you might have gotten about that because of what you look like, who you love, what you believe, how much money you do or don't have, where you live, and all that.

So how do we own our awesomeness?! 

By enrolling in the Own Your Awesomeness Project, of course!

​​​​​​Couldn't resist! Seriously, though...

We do this by relearning, rediscovering, and revaluing ourselves...
and honoring that we matter in this world.

Just imagine YOU...doing ALL THIS:

~ You see your true beauty when you look in the mirror…rather than how society says you should feel about your “imperfect” body.
~ You know that the time you’re spending on your work is well spent, because it fulfills you.
~ You consciously and deliberately create a life where you're thriving...rather than simply surviving.
~ You take risks to go after your desires...because you trust you're resilient enough to handle the outcome. 
~ You know that you have the power to make important shifts in the world.

~ You know that owning your awesomeness isn't selfish or arrogant.
~ You view time and money and abundance as allies and partners, rather than things you fear or don't understand how to work with.
~ You see your inner gremlins—your limiting beliefs, your fears, your inner critic—for what they are and have mastery over them so they don’t rule your life.
~ You celebrate and revel in your strengths and unique gifts so you can fully express them and live up to your highest potential.
~ You know your beautiful desires and dreams and you treat them like the precious treasures they are…meaning, you take them seriously and take action to make 'em happen.
~ You (correctly) see your past mistakes and perceived flaws as opportunities for strength and growth.

 …and oh, soooooo much more.
All of this is possible for you through the Own Your Awesomeness Project.

During the program, we will dive DEEP into what goes into owning your awesomeness…what that means to you, what a life where you own your awesomeness would look and feel like, and how to make that happen.

I know this works because I've worked with many many many amazing people on owning their awesomeness...AND because I lived this.

Lemme tell you about me, pre-owning-my-awesomeness:

I constantly hid and dimmed my light because I was afraid of judgment and failure. I loathed my body. I blocked myself from love because I was too afraid of rejection. I was trapped in a life where all I was doing was trying to survive…because thriving felt like a cruel joke. I judged myself oh so harshly because of my mistakes and flaws. My limiting beliefs and beliefs TOTALLY ran my show.

But the shift came when I realized—like, realized, deep at my CORE—that my gifts were too important to let sink under the weight of all that crap.

I knew I had to let go of my “one day” thinking—
“One day” I’ll be strong enough to let love in.
“One day” I’ll practice self-care and eat the food that nourishes my body and my taste buds. “One day” I’ll let others see my gifts, regardless of what they think of them.

I knew I had to commit to seeing myself as awesome. I knew I had to let go of the icky familiarity of those old patterns to make way for the awesome wonderfulness of creating the life I desired and dreamed up.

I had to shift my thinking…and I had to take powerful and effective actions. And that’s what I did!

I go into every tool I used to transform my own life during this program, because they’ve worked for me and HUNDREDS of my clients.
Here’s the dealio:

Over 3 months and 5 75 minute(ish) long group calls, plus a private online group, plus bonus Q&A calls, we will ALL work together to own our awesomeness and step into our power.

Here are just a few of the powerful and transformative topics we’ll cover during the Own Your Awesomeness Project:
Getting clear on and owing your desires and dreams
How and why to take exquisite care of yourself
How to create a partnership with your money
The freedom of owning your time
Fall in love with yourself and your life
Own and overcome your inner gremlins
Create a community that supports you and your awesomeness
Your unique awesomeness
Own your gifts, strengths, talents, and your magnificence
Look, I’m going to be real with you. It can be hard AF to step into our power and own our awesomeness.

Change can be challenging. It's not easy for people to change. (If it was, the world would be a very different place!)

And change can be risky. 

: You risk your life not looking the way it looks now, because you might find it’s like a poorly fitting shirt you need to have altered…or throw away.

: You risk other people not understanding the magical transformation that you're creating.

: You risk the discomfort of change and transformation.

So I don’t want you to make the decision to join the Own Your Awesomeness Project lightly.

Not to scare you or anything, I just want to be real!

And having said all that, I want you to know this: 


Those reasons are not sufficient for you to not fully own the magnificence that is you.

They’re just not! 

The world needs your specific gifts and talents to be shared to their highest potential.

And honestly, YOU need your specific gifts and talents to be shared to their highest potential!

Through this course, you'll get support from me (more about me below) and from the other amazing people on this journey with you. Community is ABSOLUTELY KEY in creating sustainable (i.e. lasting) transformation. 

And even though three months can seem like a short amount of time to relearn and recreate, SO MUCH CAN HAPPEN...

you apply yourself and avail yourself of all the awesomeness in the course...AND in you.

This course is for you if…
: You have a crappy inner critic and negative inner thoughts that keep you small by hating your body, telling you you’re not good enough, not worthy, and all those horrible things that make you feel alone and WRONG.
: You are effing tired of hiding.
: You KNOW you have tremendous awesomeness inside of you that you’ve been blocked from fully expressing. You just need to know how to unlock it and set it free!
: You are tired of letting other people’s ideas of how and WHO you should be run your life.
: You’ve done a trazillion self-help programs and read even more books but…ARGH! You can’t seem to move forward and let go of those old patterns.
: You’re ready to be part of a community that supports you and your awesomeness.
: You need some accountability and support to create the life you desire.

That's me, Eryka Peskin!
I'm an abundance coach, a licensed social worker, a fierce cheerleader, and I have a bunch of financial services licenses too.

I do this work because my all-encompassing desire to is free us all from the inner gremlins—the limiting beliefs and fears—that keep us locked in scarcity and prevent us from going after our beautiful dreams and desires. I believe that people who are happy and in touch with their abundance do good things in the world, which means that an abundant mindset is good for the world, and that it is our birthright to achieve our highest potential.
My commitment to you:

~ To help you uncover and revel in your amazing awesomeness.
~ To support you and keep you accountable to your awesomeness.
~ To show you powerful and effective tools to help you own your magnificent awesomeness.
~ To help create a community where we all support each other on this journey.

I commit to helping you see how amazing you are...and how to apply that to your life so you are living a life that brings you incredible joy and where you exercise your power to transform the world. Because you CAN.
It's time for you to answer the call to your higher self and to step into your power.

No more hiding. 

No more pretending to be less awesome than you are.

It's time for YOU to own your awesomeness!

With all my heart, I hope you join me.
Course logistics:



5 group topic calls (75 mins)

2 Q&A coaching calls (as long as it takes!)

All calls are at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

Wednesday, May 15th (topic call)
Wednesday, May 29th (topic call)
Thursday, June 13th (group coaching Q&A call)

Wednesday, June 266 (topic call)
Wednesday, July 10th (topic call)
Tuesday, July 23rd (group coaching Q&A call)

Wednesday, August 7th (topic call)

All calls will be recorded, and you'll get the recordings and supplemental materials after each call.
Working with Eryka and owning my awesomeness has been a game changer. For years I played small, and now I'm growing my business and my relationships are transforming. Can't recommend this course enough!
~ Gina, San Francisco
This is an amazing course, jammed packed with useful information. Eryka guides you through a multitude of exercises so that you can uncover exactly what is holding you back. Through phone calls and Facebook you get to interact with others in the class, and it creates a fun and supportive community. The course can be challenging at times, but is well worth it. I HIGHLY recommend it
~ Tara, Portland, OR
Let me count the ways of how amazing working with Eryka is. She is so good at seeing where we limit ourselves and helping us transform and overcome it. Life changing!
~ Sonya, UK
Powerful. Life changing. I take my desires seriously, I know my strengths, I manage my time, and money doesn't scare me. My relationships are stronger and I'm SO MUCH HAPPIER!
~ Aliyah, NYC
Oh, Eryka. Thank you for seeing me and for helping me change how I think about myself, what I'm capable of, and for helping me put it into practice. I'm so grateful!
~ Julisa, Miami

Q: Why will this course work for me when/if other courses or books or whatever haven't?
If you have this question, then I can tell that you've got some self-doubt and are perhaps feeling hopeless that anything for you can or will change. Honey, I understand! I've been there! 

First of all, we're going to spend a good chunk of time on letting go of those thought patterns and see where that hopelessness comes you can let go of it. Because it's bullshit and it's messing with your head.

Second, just by asking that question, you've made an important shift. You have insight that what you've tried before doesn't work, and you're (hopefully) willing to try something new.

Between the alchemy of you and me, and the wonderful group, amazing things can and will happen.

I will say, though, that I can present the information and the support...and that you've got to commit to yourself to do the work and try something new. If you can't do that, then this course isn't right for you. I'm not interested in taking your money and you not doing the work and then feeling even crappier about yourself. That's not what I'm about, and that's not what I want for you. 

Q: What will owning my awesomeness really do for me?
Oh man, the list is loooooong! You'll be more confident, you'll take better care of yourself, your relationships will improve (the ones worth improving, at least!), your income will potentially increase, you will value your desires and dreams and take steps to make them happen, you'll enjoy being YOU, you'll have less stress because you'll manage your energy and resources better, and OMG. The list goes on.

Q: Why are you qualified to do this?
Well, I have a Masters degree in social work from Hunter College School of Social Work in NYC, I founded a women's empowerment nonprofit, I went through hell and back financially and decided to learn about money and got all sorts of financial licenses, and I've coached hundreds of people to overcome their limiting beliefs and fears in order to achieve their highest potential. 

My unique perspective of women's empowerment + social justice + finance + my general brilliance has helped me create a 12 step system to overcome limiting beliefs and fears (which you'll learn as part of the program).

And, crucially, I have seen time and again that helping people step into their power and own their awesomeness is THE best way to effect change in a world that desperately needs good people to make their voices heard.

Q: Who is this course for?

If you are ready to speak your truth, own your gifts, stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone, overcome your inner gremlins, and more...then this course is for you!

More specifically, the course is for people of all races, ethnicities, beliefs, and gender identities.

Q: What happens once I sign up?
Within a few hours after you make your payment, you’ll receive a personal welcome e-mail from me with information about how to access the calls and additional info. Everything is set up to be as easy as possible for you. And if it's not, let me know!

Q: Where does this course take place?
Wherever you are! You just need to be able to access your email and ideally a phone line. (There are international dial-in numbers for almost every country, so we should have you covered. But if worse comes to worst, you can access the recordings online.) 

Q: Do I have to be in the U.S. to participate?
Nope! Just be aware that the emails will be in English, unless I slip into the occasional Spanish or Czech. :)

Q: Will I get personal attention from you?
Show up to the group coaching calls, and you definitely will! And if you can't make them live, email me your question(s) the day before and I'll answer them on the call. Plus I tend to give lots of feedback in the group forum. There's no private one-on-one coaching during this program, though. 

Q: Sounds like we do a LOT in a short time! How much time will it take? 

There are the calls, which are 60-75 minutes every other week for 3 months (for a total of 5), plus the group coaching calls (2 all together). There will be, on average, about an hour of homework per week. The more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it, of course!

Q: I love it! Can I pay in installments?
I'm deeply committed to my work being accessible to whoever feels the call, so YES! Contact me so we can arrange it.

Q: What if I don't like it?
I know how scary it is to invest money in something that might not appear to have an immediate, tangible return. I'm so confident that this program will be AWESOME for you that I'm happy to guarantee that you'll get something out of it...or your money back. You'll have to do your part—complete the course, show that you read all the emails and did all the action steps, and make your request by June 1st—but if you do all that and find that it didn't serve you, then you'll get a nice refund from PayPal (less a 10% processing fee).

Have another question? Own your inquisitiveness and contact me!
The Own Your Awesomeness Project helps you create the life you desire. It helps you see your strength and power. It helps you change your world.

Your awesomeness eagerly awaits you.

Click the link below to step into your power and join us. 
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